1-888-STAY-VIP (USA)
0800-066-4735 (UK)
1-800-889-843 or 1-800-243-862(Australia)
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Service Phone Numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How many days notice is necessary to book a reservation?
  To avoid priority booking fees a minimum of 30 to 45 days notice for any reservation request, depending on the requested location.
2. Can I book a reservation with less then the required amount of days?
  We do allow our guest to book under the required amount of time, however a priority booking fee will apply.
3. Are there any days I can not book?
  No, all dates are available, however they are booked based on availability. Currently there are no 3/2 package check in allowed on Fridays for arrival at Orlando Locations.
4. Can I book all of the vacation at one location?
  No, this is a promotional package sold for the purpose of promoting vacation ownership at all locations. However you may extend your stay at certain locations for a nominal fee per night.
5. What hotel will I be confirmed for?
  You will be provided with directions and a contact number to our welcome center or affiliated Welcome Center at each location. Upon arrival at the welcome, you will be provided with the name of the exact hotel you are confirmed for.
6. How far are the hotels from the welcome centers?
  All hotels are located in the same general vicinity as the welcome center.
7. What time is check in?
  You can check into the Welcome center between 10am and 3pm, however the actual hotel accommodations are not available for check in until 4pm. Anyone arriving later than normal business hours must call to confirm their arrival otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and fees will be incurred/charged to the package purchaser.
8. If I need to cancel my reservation or change my dates are there any penalty fees?
  You may cancel your reservation for all US destinations at no cost when changes made with 72 hour notice or more. All non-Florida locations need a minimum of 7 days to avoid penalties. Cruises need a minimum of 45 days to avoid penalties other than a $35 per person admin fee. In the event the participant changes dates subsequent to the first rescheduled date, a fee of $50 will apply for each change requested thereafter. Failure to notify us of any changes to your vacation prior to 72 hours of scheduled check in date will result in the cancellation of your vacation, and the immediate forfeiture of the vacation package and any monies paid.
9. What are the fees associated with the cruise?
  You are responsible for all port, services, registration fees and a government departure fee per person.
10. What documents do I need to board the Cruise?
  You will need any of the following 2 options:
1. Passport (Must be current, not expired and allow re-entering to US)
2. Original Birth Certificate with the raised seal accompanied by an official state driver’s license (American citizens only)
11. What is a reservation guarantee?
  The reservation guarantee is a fee collected to ensure the arrival of our guest and guarantees that your room will be available upon arrival. Providing you arrive for the reservations this fee will be applied toward your room taxes, this fee also ensures that a guest can rebook their reservations providing they have cancelled their previous reservation with more than 72 hrs notice.
12. Can I transfer my package to someone else?
  The package is fully transferable to anyone who meets the promotional requirements.
13. How many people is the package good for?
  Packages come with either a standard or premium room which can only accommodate up to 4 people.
14. What if I have a larger party?
  Every guest is offered the opportunity to upgrade to one or two bedroom accommodations for an additional cost (Orlando only). For other locations additional rooms may be purchased.
15. When do I receive my gifts (i.e. attraction tickets, dinner certs, rental car)?
  Gifting is given upon completion of the VIP resort presentation or you may be pre-gifted at the time of arrival by leaving an imprint of credit card until completion of presentation.
16. Can I purchase extra tickets?
  Yes, we have tickets for all area attractions on sale at our welcome center.
17. Who needs to attend the presentation?
  If married, both spouses must attend. Currently all parties of legal contractual age must attend tour and presentations at all locations.
18. How long is the presentation?
  The presentation is a minimal of 90 minutes long, if you stay or participate longer that the minimal time it is considered a personal choice to do so.
19. Do I have to tour each location?
  Please visit your promotional guidelines pertaining to your package. (yes- currently all locations require participation at tours/presentations).
20. Are we required to purchase anything?
  You are not required to purchase anything, we only require you/your party to attend the tours.
21. When does the tour take place?
  The tour is scheduled at the welcome center upon arrival and is normally set up for the day after you check in; with the exception of Thursday and Saturday for Orlando destination locations.
22. Can I prearrange a tour or request a time?
  Tours cannot be scheduled before arrival and a time may be requested however it is based upon availability.
23. Is transportation included?
  No, you are responsible for all transportation. (i.e. air, car, train …etc)
24. Which address do I provide for immigration purposes?
  For all international travelers please use the following address:
Summer Bay Resort
25 Towne Center Blvd, Suite C
Clermont, FL 34714
25. Where is the Tourist Information Tower ?
  The Tourist Information Tower is located on Highway 192 West. Once you pass Mile Marker 4,
we are 4 miles on the right. You must pass the main entrance of Summer Bay Resort and turn right at the next set of traffic lights.
26. When is the Tourist Information Tower open?
  We are open from 8am to 8pm, Sunday through Thursday. Friday & Saturday we close at 8pm. Operation hours will change subject to seasons. Please call ahead to reconfirm your arrival at 1.888.572.0171.
27. What hotel have I been assigned to?
  You will be allocated your accommodations according to your package type (i.e. standard room, premium room, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom units). All hotels are situated within a 10 mile ratio of Summer Bay Resort.
28. What should I do if I am arriving late?
  The Tourist Information Tower requested that all guests contact the resort before 3pm if you are going to arrive after 4pm. Rooms will not be guaranteed if you have not called to confirm your reservation on the day of arrival. Please contact us at 1.888.572.0171.
29. How do you check in after the Tourist Information Tower is closed?
  You must inform the Tourist Information Tower of your late arrival. A hotel voucher will be left for you at the Summer Bay Resort main security entrance. The voucher will be valid for one night only, and you must return to the Tourist Information Tower the next morning to complete your registration.
30. When will I know about my presentation?
  The friendly staff at the Tourist Information Tower will arrange your presentation at the time of check in. Appointments are currently available at 8am, 11:00am, 11:30am and 1:00pm and are subject to change.
31. Where can I buy more theme park tickets?
  Tickets are available from our concierge desk situated at the Tourist Information Tower.
32. Do you provide shuttles to the parks?
  Summer Bay provides a free daily shuttle service to the Disney parks. A shuttle service is available for Universal and Sea World at a cost of $13.00 per person, for a one way trip.
33. Are pets allowed at the resort?
  For your safety and others, no pets are allowed.